Mavic 2 Enterprise

Built to Empower. Destined to Serve.

The Mavic 2 Enterprise along with its advanced controls, modular accessories, password protection and has been specifically designed to be used as an everyday tool in close range operations like infrastructure inspections, search and rescue, fire response, law enforcement and more . 

Expand your capabilities in close range  operations with the Mavic 2 Enterprise – your on-hand tool that is ready  to be deployed at the whim of your disposal – anywhere, anytime.

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  • Dynamic Zoom
  • GPS Timestamping
  • Self-heating batteries
  • OcuSync 2.0 Transmission System
  • 24 GB Onboard Data Storage
  • Discreet Mode for Your Convenience.

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Introducing the Mavic 2 Enterprise

A revolutionary tool to usher in a new generation of work – the Mavic 2 Enterprise is the world’s smallest and most powerful drone built for commercial users. It comes built in with a range of advanced controls and an extended port for mounting additional accessories – that expand users’ capabilities – in close range operations like inspections, search and rescue missions, fire response and more.

Lead Without Limits. Work Beyond Your Boundaries.

M2E Spotlight


Direct lost persons with greater ease using a dual spotlight that enhances your vision in low-light areas.

M2E Speaker


Communicate with ground teams during emergency situations, effectively guiding pilots and workers across the operation.

M2E Beacon


Conduct night missions with additional safety,  allowing other pilots to easily spot you from a distance while you’re  operating on site.



Your Aircraft and Data. Under Your Control.

Simply enter your password to get access to your device  and all of its features and functions. This intuitive way of logging  into your device ensures secure access to your drone and its onboard  data storage, thus preventing leakage of sensitive information.


Always in the Know of Your Immediate Airspace.

Avoid hazards in the sky with DJI AirSense, which  enhances your airspace safety by giving you instant real-time  positioning alerts on nearby manned aircraft.


Fly Safer Than Ever.

Improved FlightAutonomy gives you omnidirectional obstacle sensing,  an advanced sensing system comprised of 8 high resolution vision and 2  infrared sensors placed on the sides of the aircraft. The result? A  powerful set of sensors that determine the relative speed and distance  between the aircraft and an object, so you can fly and hover with more  stability than ever in a wide range of open and complex environments.

Data You Can Trust.

Like your iOS or Android device, GPS timestamping records the time and date that images are taken, so you can leverage data for industry level applications where accuracy is essential and timing is vital.


Everywhere You Go. The Power Is Always with You.


Slim enough to carry anywhere and engineered to handle any task – whenever duty calls.

Sense and Avoid with Ease.


The Advanced Pilot Assistance System enables the drone  to intuitively detect objects on its every move, letting you easily fly  around or over obstacles, particularly in tight spaces.

Do More Across a Range of Applications



Fight fires and save lives with greater ease and mobility across your site.

Law enforcement


Use captured data to maintain public safety and safeguard your community.

Emergency response


Locate missing people and tactically respond in emergency situations.

Powerline inspection


Safely conduct inspections on critical infrastructure, expediting routine  maintenance tasks.

Cell tower inspection


Perform inspections with added safety and enhanced efficiency.

Bridge inspection


See the bigger picture in complex structures without getting too close to the asset.

Rescues in Swift Water and on Hiking Trails

Rescues in Swift Water and on Hiking Trails

Empowering rescue workers with tools to better save lives in the community.

When Duty Calls at the Edge of a Cliff

When Duty Calls at the Edge of a Cliff

Conducting rescue operations in dangerous and hard-to-reach places.

A Tool for Everyday Heroes

DJI - Mavic 2 Enterprise - A Tool for Everyday Heroes


For decades, men and women across the world have put their lives on the line to keep their communities’ safe, nourished, and connected. Now, a new tool has arrived that empowers workers to perform their work better and safer than ever before. Introducing the Mavic 2 Enterprise – built to empower, destined to serve.


Immerse Yourself in an Authentic Flying Experience

Embrace drone technology as an  integral part of work with the DJI Flight Simulator — a professional  pilot training software using DJI’s leading flight control technology to  recreate the natural flying experience.


This software tailored for the  enterprise allows you to hone your piloting skills without the potential  risks and costs associated with real-life training. Every aspect of  DJI’s unique flight control technology is analyzed and adapted to create  the most realistic simulated flying experience.



Embrace drone technology as an  integral part of work with the DJI Flight Simulator — a professional  pilot training software using DJI’s leading flight control technology to  recreate the natural flying experience.