Spark Tutorial Videos

DJI Tutorials - Spark - Introducing DJI GO 4

DJI GO 4 is a powerful new app that has been optimized and updated for our newest products. Learn how to use the new app in this helpful video.

Linking Spark and Connecting to WiFi

DJI Tutorials - Spark - Linking Spark and Connecting to WiFi

Setting up and activating Spark for use is as easy as connecting any mobile device to Spark’s WiFi network. Learn how to get up and running in this helpful tutorial. 

Flight Basics and RC Piloting

DJI Tutorials - Spark - Flight Basics and RC Piloting

With the remote control, Spark can fly greater distances and you have access to more controls. Learn the basics of flying with an RC in this helpful video. 

Mobile Device Piloting

DJI Tutorials - Spark - Mobile Device Piloting

Spark is so smart and easy to use that you can control it with just your mobile device. Learn the control basics with this helpful video. 

Gesture Piloting

DJI Tutorials - Spark - Gesture Piloting

Don’t let Spark’s small size fool you. There’s a ton of technology packed inside, including the ability to control Spark with the palm of your hand. Learn the basics of Gesture Piloting in this helpful video. 

Flight Modes

DJI Tutorials - Spark - Flight Modes

Spark is full of fun ways to fly, including the fast and furious Sport Mode. Learn how to navigate all flight modes in this helpful video. 

Updating Firmware

DJI - Spark Tutorials - Updating Firmware

Spark is only as good as its current firmware. Make sure you have the latest and greatest features by updating your firmware regularly. Walk through the process step by step with this helpful video. 


DJI Tutorials - Spark - Quickshots

Spark makes it easy to capture cinematic shots of you and your friends with literally the push of a button. Learn all the features of Quickshot in this helpful video. 


DJI Tutorials - Spark - Tapfly

DJI’s popular TapFly function has been updated just for Spark. Learn the new features of TapFly with this helpful tutorial.